Frequently Asked Questions!

Is there an entrance limitation depending on age?

Colourday Festival is a joyous event for every age! Concerning under-aged audience, though, we suggest that they are escorted by grownups.

Can I bring my own colours?

Unfortunately, no. The Festival’s special colours have been tested and legally approved by ISO, and have obtained legal rights for use and distribution.

Is there a specific dress-code?

No there isn’t! We suggest that you wear white clothes because the colours look great on them!

What should I bring with me?

We propose that you take measures concerning the sun: you should bring with you a hat and sun cream, and wear comfortable clothes

Is there anything I shouldn’t bring with me?

For safety reasons, entrance is not allowed to owners of sharp objects and alcoholic drinks. In the festival location you will find a bar offering refreshments and food, and vending spots for souvenirs from the festival.

Can I bring my camera?

You can use the camera of your phone, digital cameras and GoPros. SLR and DSLR cameras are allowed only under permission. You can ask for permission by sending an email to: info@colourdayfestival.com

Is the colour easily removed from the clothes?

Yes! We recommend that you wear without doubt your favourite clothes, because the colour can be removed easily even without washing the clothes, just with air!

Where can I find more bags of colour?

With your ticket you will get your first bag of colour! Once you have used it, you can find more bags of colour in the special vending spots around the festival location.

Will there be food and drinks at the Festival?

Of course! The bar of the festival offers a variety of beverages and snacks for a small and tasty break!

Is there a refund in case I am not able to attend?

Unfortunately no, but we encourage you to resell your ticket to a friend!